Kunstkabinet fotoArtcabinet: Selection from Terra Ultima
By Raoul Deleo

For more than ten years, illustrator Raoul Deleo has been mapping a still undescribed continent. As an explorer, he journeys deeper and deeper into this untouched area and reports in drawings and texts everything he encounters. In naming the discovered species he works together with the classical language teacher Anneke Korevaar. The creatures have names that sound like ‘biological music’; Phoenicopterus cervocephalus, Octopossum leucostolum, Libellula lagoformosa, Tucanogemina carcinoforma. Their appearance is as enigmatic as it is beautiful. The continent and the constantly growing collection of drawings and objects bear the name Terra Ultima. A selection of this collection has recently been shown at the Natural History Museum in Rotterdam.

The geographical location of the Terra Ultima continent is carefully kept a secret, the discoveries are only visible in publications, exhibitions and lectures.
A few of his discoveries from Terra Ultima are being shown here at the VU. Inspired by the VU Heritage collections, Deleo will undertake a new expedition and develop a new work. This latest discovery will be revealed at the end of the exhibition and will be included in the VU art collection.

Raoul Deleo Graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Besides his works as an illustrator, graphic designer, and art director, he increasingly creates and exhibits artworks evolved from self-initiated projects as a fine artist. Deleo gained fame after winning the Annual Illustration Award of the NIC (the Dutch Association of Illustrators) in 1995. His work has been awarded several times by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK), the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) and he won the Dutch Design Award in 2003 and 2009.

Artcabinet:  The golden record
By Niek Hendrix 

Kunstkabinet - Niek Hendrix - The golden record

Niek Hendrix considers the images of painting, iconic or not, as an open source. He activates them by repeating them and put in a different context. This appropriation is not to make an exact copy but to create a different image of it. He paints them with a different brushstroke, different paint, colours are let go off, appearing in shades of black and white, and also the sizes are different. He places them in front of works from different times or adds a work of his own hands. In unexpected constellations he puts the viewer to the test: they must not only look again but also give meaning again.

Hendrix has created a cabinet of curiosity especially for this exhibition, in which he has combined new work with objects from the VU Heritage collections.

Niek Hendrix (1985) graduated in Fine Arts from Sint Joost (Breda, the Netherlands) and attended a post-graduate program at the Jan van Eyck in Maastricht. Niek Hendrix’ works are in the collections of AKZO NOBEL, LAM museum, ING, Aegon, Museum Voorlinden, Museum Van Gogh home and WHotel.

Art Cabinet: Main Building, ground floor, diagonally across from the Student Desk