Maps and scale
City maps are large-scale maps, world maps are small-scale. The Map Collection holds many large-scale maps of the Netherlands and other European countries, and countries or regions where VU University is doing research.

Maps and themes
The Map Collection contains both topographic and thematic maps. Topography shows the visible elements in the landscape, such as roads, water, cities, railroads. Thematic maps show soil, geomorphology, geology, historical development, climate, landscapes, environment, flora and fauna.

Maps and region
The Netherlands and the former Dutch colonies occupy a central place in the Map Collection. The collection also includes maps of other European countries and regions outside Europe, as well as maps of the sky, earth and celestial globes, including a beautiful 17th-century celestial globe of Blaeu.

Finding and viewing maps 
Please note that a library card is required to request and use documents. You can find most maps in LibSearch. Use "Advanced search" and select Format: "Map/e-Map".

Viewing the maps: Reading Room, Image Database, Geoplaza, touchscreens.

Reading Room 1C-02aTo view maps you can fill out a request form at the 1st floor library desk. Requests made before 11.30 am can be collected after 3 pm. Note! Look up in advance the Availability/Holdings in LibSearch. Example: LL.09520gk: 162.s/los/2004.
For single sheets of map series please note sheet numbers and scale; index sheets of map series are to be found in the blue ring binders in the reading room. Map Collection reading room (3B-06)
Image DatabaseAll historical maps can be found in the VU Image Database. Via Advanced search you can select region and theme. 
GeoplazaGeoplaza is an online platform for digital geographical data sets you can download and use for GIS applications. 
TouchscreensAll old maps (over 4,000!) can be viewed on the touchscreens on the 1st and 10th floor of the VU Main Building.


Photocopies, photographs and scans 
On certain conditions, atlases may be reproduced. Please contact the Map Collection.

More information
- 1st Floor desk (see Desks, opening hours)
- Map Collection curator, instruction and tours: 
  T (020) 59 85068  
  E Map Collection curator (Mon-Friday)
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