To tell the truth

From July until October we display a new object in the VU heritage collections showcase (next to the entrance of the Library at the first floor, Main Building) and on this page every few weeks. Alongside each item are three stories: one that's true and two that are made up. Do you know which story tells the truth...? Come see and vote. Go to the heritage collections showcase and place a sticker on the column next to the story that gets your vote. Each couple of weeks, we'll reveal which story is true.

Contribute a story for a chance to win a Doppio coffee voucher!
The display also contains several objects with no story. Unleash your imagination and describe how these objects might have played a pivotal role in the history of VU Amsterdam. Write a story (no more than 150 words in Dutch or English) and email it to stating 'to tell the truth' in the subject line. The deadline is mentioned next to the object in the display and below. We will select the best fabrications from all the submissions to hang alongside the objects. If your story gets the most votes, you'll win a Doppio coffee voucher!

object 1 afbeelding 
  object 2 afbeelding
object 3 afbeelding

This is a sealing wax melter.
Read what is was used for.

This is a Haldane gas analyser
Read what is was used for

This is a sander: part of an inkstand kept in the former Senate Hall
Read what is was used for

 object 4 afbeelding

 object 5 afbeelding

object 6 afbeelding

These are Prof. Jan Lever's seashells
Read what they were used for

Read the three stories about this object and make your choice
The truth story will be revealed on October 5


Can you come up with a likely story for this object?
Write a story (no more than 150 words) and email it to stating 'One out of three' in the subject line, before 25 September.

Read the stories on October 5