How to publish a world-class paper in science and medicine


13.00-16.00 uur

Atrium Medische Faculteit, D146

How to publish a world-class paper in science and medicine


University Library


Conference / Symposium

13h00    Welcome with coffee and tea

13h30    Opening

13h40    The perspective and the role of the publisher in scientific publishing.
Marie Soulière - Senior Manager of Peer Review Operations, Quality, and Ethics at Frontiers
Publishers play an important role in academic publishing. Marie Souliere explains what is happening to your paper behind the scenes, from submission to final publication.

14h20    How to publish a world-class paper
Tilo Hartmann - Assistant professor in Communication Science and member of the Network Institute.
By now, Tilo Hartmann has a decent list of publications by his name, but that didn’t happen overnight. In his lecture, Tilo will speak about his personal experiences with publishing his work as an early-career researcher.

15h00    Coffee break

15h15    Publishing from a reviewer’s perspective
Jolanda van der Velden -  Professor of cellular pathophysiology of cardiomyopathies at ICIN and chair of department of physiology at VUmc.
Editors and reviewers are the gatekeepers for academic journals. Jolanda van der Velde has a lot of experience with that role. She will discuss how editors look at the papers they need to evaluate, and how to deal with reviewer’s critique as an author.

15h55    Closing remarks

16h00    End       

seminar how to publish science and medicine