Large crowd attended seminar on scientific publishing

A 100 plus crowd of PhD’s attended the seminar ‘How to publish a world class paper’ on Thursday 22 October 201. Another 93 followed the event via a live stream.

10/23/2015 | 9:30 AM

The scope of the meeting was “finding your way in the world of scientific publishing”.

Rector magnificus Vinod Subramaniam opened the seminar with the videomessage ‘Publishing is the culmination of the voyage that you started on as a scientist’. Dr. Andrea Hoogenkamp-O'Brien (publisher EBioMedicine at Elsevier) gave an interesting introduction to the publishing process. Tilo Hartmann, Ph.D. (Associate Professor Faculty of Social Sciences VU) gave advice “to focus“, “to read everything in your field” and “to write every day, and rewrite every day”. And to get connected to co-authors and preferably to a well-connected supervisor. Prof. Willem van Mechelen, MD, PhD (Department of Public and Occupational Health; EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research; VU University Medical Center) reflected on his 40 year long career as researcher, Phd-supervisor, editor and reviewer. He said: “The ultimate goal in science for me is not getting published in Nature but creating societal value.” Wouter Gerritsma (head of Digital Services & Innovation VU University Library) closed the afternoon with an impressive lecture on how to give your article the highest possible impact.

The seminar was well received by an enthusiastic audience. As one attendee said: “This seminar has been so informative and motivating!" All talks were recorded on video and will soon be available together with the slides on the website of the University Library. The University Library intends to organize more seminars on publishing.

Andrea Hoogenkamp en Willem van Mechelen

On the left: Andrea Hoogenkamp-O'Brien; on the right Willem van Mechelen