Seminar ‘Managing & Sharing research data – How and why?

Thursday, 1 November 2018, 1-4:30 pm, Atrium, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Faculty of Medicine

10/08/2018 | 2:58 PM

Research funders and publishers are ratcheting up their requirements for the management (and sharing) of research data. Open Science is the name of this game, which includes the sharing and publication of research data. In May, the EU also enacted new privacy legislation. How does all this impact your research work and data?

What can you do to ensure compliance with all the rules?
What can you do to ensure compliance with all the rules? How do you go about sharing your data, and why should you want to? How can the University Library, IT Services, Legal Affairs and other VU services support you? In this seminar, three experts will explain the latest developments and their own approaches. Topics covered will include: registration, secure storage, use and reuse, legal and ethical aspects of data, and funding body requirements.

Who is this seminar for?
This free seminar is being organised by the University Library for PhD students and researchers at VU Amsterdam and the VU Medical Center. Others are welcome to attend as well, space permitting. All presentations will be in English.

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