RDM issue? Ask the Research Data Management Support Desk

The Research Data Management (RDM) Support Desk aims to improve services for researchers in the field of research data management.

12/03/2019 | 1:47 PM

The faculty research data stewards and the University Library receive all questions regarding RDM via the email address rdm@vu.nl. Behind the scenes at the RDM Support Desk, there is a team of RDM experts from various services (including Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA), Legal Affairs, Privacy Champions, the Grants Desk, IT for Research and IT Security), who work together to find solutions for complex RDM issues.

Creating a network
Working together on this service provides a better insight into the nature, type and number of questions, enables the processing of those questions to be monitored and facilitates the accrual of knowledge as the questions are tackled and resolved. We also ensure that questions can be submitted in digital form and that progress can be tracked by the researcher.

Requests for help are welcome
‘We want all researchers to be aware that they can contact the RDM Support Desk if they have any questions, because we can provide the support that they need. It makes me proud to see all the different parties working together in this way, making this service possible with all the enormous benefits that this brings in terms of efficiency and quality.’

From researcher to support staff member
These are the words of Sander Bosch, who since 1 April 2019 has been project manager of the UB Research Support department. He gained a PhD in neuroscience in Nijmegen in 2016, and after spending three years as a postdoctoral researcher, he chose to swap his role as a researcher for a support position.

 ‘A lot is changing in the way we do science, and I’m convinced that I can make a bigger contribution to those developments in this way than working as a researcher,’ says Sander. ‘The library can play a central role in the academic world and in this position I can focus more on innovation within the system.’ Sander_BoschKlein

Data Management Plan
Sander has also been working on a tool that researchers can use to write a data management plan (DMP). Many funding providers ask very specific questions about the origin, use, documentation and secure storage of research data. This application enables the Library to help researchers to create their DMP. For more information, please see https://dmponline.vu.nl.

Find your research data steward
The following faculties have a research data steward. He or she can help you with all your questions about research data management.
- Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems (AIMMS): Brett Olivier, data@aimms.vu.nl
- Amsterdam Law and Behavior Institute (A-LAB, Faculty of Law) and Dutch Study Centre for Criminality and Law Enforcement (NSCR): Marieke Polhout, m.j.polhout@vu.nl
- Faculty of Sciences Brett Olivier, data@aimms.vu.nl & Christine Dijk, beta.rdm@vu.nl
- Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences: Jessica Hrudey, research.data.fgb@vu.nl
- School of Business and Economics: Veerle Eggens, v.r.c.eggens@vu.nl
- Faculty of Humanities, from 1 January 2020 onwards: Onno Huber, onno.huber@vu.nl
Does your faculty not yet have a research data steward? Then please send your question to rdm@vu.nl.

Do you have any questions?
Please mail rdm@vu.nl.

Members of the steering group celebrated the opening of the new RDM Support Desk on 3 December.