‘Emergency’ page RDM from home

Below you will find information on tools that can be used for your research while working from home.

04/28/2020 | 2:11 PM

You are advised to use these suggested tools when working with your VU research data. This is especially important if you are working with data that falls under the GDPR privacy law; in that case, if you want or need to use tools other than those suggested here, make sure to first contact your faculty’s  privacy champion for advice.

IT-related questions: approaching your data and working with them safely
IT has created a page on VUNet to give advice on working from home in general. On this page, you can also find information on Webdrive and documents.vu.nl– applications to use the G: and H: folders – and Citrix and download.vu.nl.

If you need any hardware facilities, such as a VU laptop or an extra screen, IT has also created a page on VUNet where you can order some of the working-from-home facilities. For others, you will need to order them yourself and will be reimbursed by the VU upon prior permission from your manager.

Manuals for software may be found here. Some of this software may be downloaded via download.vu.nl.

Information about fileservices and data management may be found here.
Please note that Surfdrive is not suitable for storing and sharing data that if leaked could be damaging to the VU. This is the case for data which are highly sensitive. If your data are pseudonymised it may be reasonable to store them in Surfdrive as long as the document with the identifying keys is not also stored in Surfdrive, and as long as the nature of the data is not overly sensitive nor are the data collected from a vulnerable population. If Surfdrive is your only storage option, then additional measures, such as encryption, should be used to protect more sensitive data/data from vulnerable populations. If you are not sure whether your research data should be stored in Surfdrive or how to apply additional data protection measures, please contact your faculty’s privacy champion or the RDM Support Desk. We also advise to switch off the setting that Surfdrive automatically synchronises with the device on which it is installed; instead, please make sure that Surfdrive only synchronises with the device that you are currently using.

IT for Research (IT voor Onderzoek, ITvO) is the IT department dedicated to providing tailor-made solutions for researchers. You may find information about their services on the IT for Research page. If you have complicated questions, you can always email rdm@vu.nl. We may forward your question to ITvO.

Conducting online interviews
There are several options for video calling with your colleagues. They are all listed here. Please note that if you are conducting interviews in which you collect or use personal data (i.e. interviews to which GDPR applies), you should use Skype for Business. In principle, it is possible to conduct Skype for Business interviews with respondents who do not have a Skype for Business account themselves. It is also possible to record Skype for Business interviews: instructions for doing this safely can be found in the Security and Technical FAQ of the Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences FAQ page.

Informed consent can be obtained digitally using ZIVVER. See this manual for more information.

Questions about RDM in general?
Much of the information about Research Data Management at the VU can be found in our LibGuide. It includes sections on safe data storage, data sharing and GDPR. If you have any questions that are not answered in the LibGuide, please email the RDM team via rdm@vu.nl.