Extra access to sources and opening up research

The current crisis with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic shows the importance of Open Access to scientific and scholarly information for researchers, professors and students.

03/26/2020 | 3:31 PM

The University Library has listed the extra information for this.

Access to online literature during corona virus
Because of the corona virus, numerous academic publishers offer temporary free access to e-books, online resources or other teaching materials, or they have temporarily increased the number of users. Please find an overview of the available resources below.

We try to present the most up-to-date information, but due to the rapidly changing developments, some information might be missing or outdated. We advise you to also look for e-books or other resources at the website of various publishers yourself. Please let us know if you find anything that should be added to this list by sending an email to one of our subject librarians. Do you have questions about the accessibility of online content? Please send an email to ask.ub@vu.nl.

Use Lean Library
A tool that helps you to access online content is Lean Library plugin

Open Access to publications on COVID-19
A large number of publishers have responded to a call to make their corona-related literature Open Access accessible through PubMed-Central and to enable text mining and secondary analysis through machine-readable formats and licenses. Almost all major publishers support the initiative. All these COVID-19 related publications and underlying data can now be found in one place.

Tips for finding (open) research information on COVID-19 related topics can be found via open access.nl
This site also refers to the pages that various universities maintain themselves. The sources mentioned are partly also (temporarily) accessible to VU and VUmc.

Publish Open Access 
In almost all cases, lecturers and researchers from VU University can share their Open Access publications in the VU Research Portal. During the COVID crisis, the University Library can support you in this and legally share publications and make them accessible to everyone. If you are a lecturer or researcher and you think that your scientific work is currently relevant for research or education, please register via openaccess.ub@vu.nl Additional information about this option will follow soon.
Tips for making your COVID-19 related research Open Access and a location for open research information can be found can be found via open access.nl


Overview of the options that are now available.

Cambridge University Press (CUP)Free access to the html version of all 700 textbooks in the Cambridge Core collection. This is an extensive collection containing textbooks for almost all disciplines.
Elsevier ScienceDirectAll textbooks on ScienceDirect are now free to access for all institutions subscribing to ScienceDirect. If you login through the University Libraries, you will have access to  the textbooks. Elsevier focuses mainly on health, science, mathematics and law.
Ohio State University Press
Free access to all monographs and its Language Files linguistics textbook.
Project MuseOver 20 publishers offering their ebooks and journals on Project Muse have decided to make their contents freely available to support teaching and research during this crisis. These materials are marked with a distinctive free icon. Amongst the publishers are:  Johns Hopkins University Press (all books and journals), Ohio State University Press (all books and journals), University of Nebraska Press (all books and journals), University of North Carolina Press (all books), Temple University Press (all books), and Vanderbilt University Press (selected books).
WileyWiley biedt gratis toegang tot online educatieve resources als Wiley PLUS, Knewton Alta en ZY Books. Om toegang te krijgen dienen docenten een formulier in te vullen voor hun specifieke werkgroep of hoorcollege. De cursussen zijn vooral gericht op natuurwetenschappen, technologie, wiskunde en engineering.