Which VU research project has received the most online attention this week?

Make an overview for your own research project using the Almetric Explorer tool.

09/01/2020 | 3:20 PM

Proving your research project’s societal relevance is becoming increasingly important when applying for research funding, assessment and job applications. One way of doing this is by making an overview with the University Library’s Altmetric Explorer tool. The tool creates an inventory of policy documents, social and news media in which your research has been mentioned and how often this has occurred; this is known as ‘public attention’ for your research project.
Read here how to make an overview.

Weekly top 5 of VU and VUmc research most mentioned online
Each week Altmetric Explorer creates a report on which VU and VUmc research projects have been mentioned online most and where. Below you can see the report for week 35, 2020. If you would like to view this report every week, you can use the following links:
As report (accessible for everyone, also non VU/VUmc related)
As interactive overview (login required with VunetID)

Create a Almetric report for your own research project or for your faculty
Use this manual to learn how to create a report on your own faculty or institute or on your own research project.
The University Library’s Research Intelligence Team is here to assist
If you would like to learn more about the scientific impact or societal relevance of research, then the tools and the University Library’s Research Intelligence Team can help On request, the team can create data analyses and interactive visualizations of research input and output. These visualizations can be used, for example, for self-evaluations for research evaluations or final reports on research projects.

For more information
(read further): How can the Research Intelligence Team support you?  

Top 5 week 35 (2020)

How to prove that your therapy is effective, even when it is not: a guideline
Article in Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences, September 2015
130 mentions in the past week     
1 author at your institution
Cuijpers, Pim

Boosts in brain signal variability track liberal shifts in decision bias
Article in eLife, August 2020
56 mentions in the past week
1 author at your institution
Fahrenfort, J.J.
The Hong Kong Principles for assessing researchers: Fostering research integrity
Article in PLoS Biology, July 2020
24 mentions in the past week
2 authors at your institution
Bouter, Lex M.
Bouter, L.M.
Reconsidering the Heritability of Intelligence in Adulthood: Taking Assortative Mating and Cultural…
Article in Behavior Genetics, October 2011
22 mentions in the past week
5 authors at your institution
Posthuma, Danielle 
Vinkhuyzen, A.A.E.
van der Sluis, Sophie
van der Sluis ,S.
Posthuma, D.
Saving Our Oceans: Scaling the Impact of Robust Action Through Crowdsourcing
Article in Journal of Management Studies, July 2019
21 mentions in the past week
3 authors at your institution
Huysman, Marleen
Tuertscher, Philipp
Porter, A.J.