Can you escape from the online Data Horror Escape Room?

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10/13/2020 | 11:35 AM

On Thursday, October 29 (15:30 - 17:00 hrs) in the week of Halloween all VU employees and students are invited to take part in the online Data Horror Escape Room. Secure and safe management of research data is crucial for responsible and open research.

The  Data Horror Escape Room forms part of the Data Horror Week! In this week the RDM Support team of VU library also shares academic horror stories about situations in which data management went wrong – so we can learn from each other.


Teams of three and prizes
We've built this escape room with research data management as a theme, but you don't need to be an expert to finish the game. We will create teams of three. You can come with your own team or get team members assigned to you. The team that finishes all the puzzles first will be the winner. Do not forget to register.

Online Data Conversation about: Open Science & Responsible Research Practices  
You are also welcome to join the online Data Conversation on October 28th which is part of the Data Horror Week (organized by VU Library). In this week we share stories about data management gone wrong in order to learn from each other. We will talk about the research culture, responsible research practices, and the importance of talking about failures.

Research transparency is unthinkable without a safe space to acknowledge and discuss errors and mistakes.

Speakers are Joeri Tijdink (psychiatrist and assistant professor at the Amsterdam University Medical Center and VU Amsterdam) about "How can Open Science foster responsible research practices" & Veronika Cheplygina about "How I Fail in Open Science - Data horrors and fighting ghosts". Come and share your research data stories and hear others.

Check the programme & Do not forget to register. You will receive an email with a Zoom link after your registration.

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