UB Online Study Spaces

Missing the Library study spots? They are now also online!

04/28/2021 | 5:12 PM

The University Library has set up UB Online Study Spaces, a Teams environment in which you can virtually study together with other students. We organize quiet study sessions, moderated by student-assistants who welcome you, remind you to take breaks, and make sure quiet means quiet and that the session is pleasant for everyone. You can also chat with your fellow students outside of the video calls. For thesis writers, there is a dedicated channel where you can work together, share advice, and talk about the thesis writing process.

Starting academic year 2021-2022 you can also start your own study sessions!


You can find the schedule for moderated study sessions in the Team.


To study together in the UB Online Study Spaces, follow these steps:


1.      Download Microsoft Teams if you don’t have the app yet.

2.      Log in with your VU account.

3.      Click ‘Teams’ in the left column, then ‘Join or create a team’ at the bottom.

4.      Enter the code thgkc92 and click ‘Join team’.


If the code doesn’t work, use this URL.