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Borrowing, reserving and extending loans in LibSearchFrequently asked questions Libsearch
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How to find literatureOnline Courses (online)
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Finding economic and financial dataData center 
Access to e-resources/e-journals with VU-net-id/VUmc accountOff-campus access (adjust your browser settings)
Sending forms (ILL form, feedback, ask your library) Ask help:
Viewing Web lecturesWeblectures (with FAQs)
Renewing or reserving books Renewal, Reserving, VUnet 
Uploading your approved Master thesisUpload your thesis (with FAQs)
Uploading your dissertationUpload your dissertation (met FAQs)
Create and manage footnotes and bibliographiesReference Manager
Making and editing films, videoconferencing, integrate video in your lecturesMedia (MXP)
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