Lean Library

Lean Library is a tool that supports access to online information (articles, e-books, databases). Both for which the University Library (UL) has a license and Open Access. You can download the browser extension for free. This gives you not only access to study material anytime, anywhere, but also an assistant who will help you in your search process.

Library Access: how does it work?
After you have downloaded Lean Library, the extension will let you know when you come across an article that the UB has a subscription to. You see this because the icon in the bookmarks bar turns green or grey. If the icon is green, you are logged in. The Access module works both inside and outside the campus.

You can download Lean Library below. Note: this tool is currently only available for laptop or desktop.
Lean Library download

Library Alternatives
If you want to use an article that appears to be inaccessible, the browser extension searches for an open access version of the article. The module also looks for alternative paid access, if present. If you would like to consult an article on platform A, but the VU Amsterdam license for that article is on platform B, Lean Library will let you know. This does not only apply to articles, but also to e-books. If the desired article is not available at the UL, the item can be obtained elsewhere via the Interlibrary Loan system.

Highlight and search
You read an interesting article and you come across a promising concept. With the Highlight and Search application of Lean Library you can use multiple search engines at the touch of a button: LibSearch, Google Scholar, Scopus and Web of Science. You select the piece of text that it is about, click the right mouse button and choose "Library access."

Google Scholar and PubMed
Are you using Google Scholar or PubMed? Lean Library automatically adds VU LibSearch links to the articles you found. See also: Search- and referencetools

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