Off-campus access to the digital collection

Use the University Library’s digital collection from home, abroad, or elsewhere? You can! Libsearch

As an employee or student of VU or VUmc you can use e-journals, e-books, online articles and databases for which the UL has a license anywhere, including outside the campus. There are various ways to gain access.

Lean Library browser extension
Install the Lean Library browser extension via and select “Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)."
From now on when you visit a website for which the UL has a license you get a message that you can log in with your VUnetID or VUmc-account.

The extension is available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Do you prefer a different browser? Install the UBVU Off-Campus Access bookmark.  See additional tools for explanation.

If you search via LibSearch  (or the search box on the library’s website) you will automatically receive a notification that you can log in. You do not have to install anything.

LibSearch links in Google Scholar and PubMed
To show links to LibSearch in Google Scholar and PubMed, see additional tools.

Please note.
- Obviously access is only granted when the UL has acquired a license for that source.
- Some databases can only be accessed if you are on (the premises of the) campus.

For questions, comments or to report a problem, please contact us via the questionnaire.