Data Management Plan Tool

Write and share your data management plans in DMPonline
You can use DMPonline to create and share your data management plans (DMPs). In a DMP you specify what kinds of data you will use in your project, and how you will process, store and archive them.
DMPonline offers DMP templates of funding agencies like NWO, ZonMw, ERC, Horizon2020 and Wellcome Trust. There also is a VU template for other research projects. In the tool, you can benefit from guidance and example answers with the DMP questions. You can login securely with your VU credentials.

Funder DMP templates, with guidance and example answers
Most funding agencies and the VU provide DMP templates, that guide you through questions to fulfill their requirements for research data management (RDM). DMPonline helps you answer the DMP questions: each one comes with guidance and example answers, which are based on the VU (or faculty) RDM policies. The guidance also links to useful resources and background information.

Share your DMPs with your research partners
With DMPonline you can easily share your DMPs with research partners within and outside the VU. You can share your plan with any email address and can manage the reader’s access rights. Through the tool, you can also request feedback or advice on your DMP from RDM experts at the Library or your faculty.

Export your finished DMP and use it
Are you ready to finalize your DMP? DMPonline can export your DMP to a variety of formats, so you can view and download your plan for further use. It also allows formatting of font type, size and margins, which can be useful if your proposal has a page limit.

More information about DMPonline and support
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•    Contact the VU University Library
•    DMPonline website
•    Want to learn more about DMPs? Follow the course ‘Writing a Data Management Plan’ (for PhD students)