RDM stories: what do researchers say?

What do VU researchers say about the meaning of Research Data Management for their research work?

‘Take research data management seriously and organize discipline specific support’
In this interview with the Scientific Director of the Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems (AIMMS) Prof. Bas Teusink and AIMMS Research Data Manager Brett G. Olivier the importance of data management is clearly stated

‘It's great that I no longer have to upload PDFs myself; the library now does this automatically.’
Jaap van Dieën, Professor of Biomechanics about Open Acces publicing
Dieeen, Jaap van
If you properly record your own data, not only will others benefit greatly from it, you will as well. In that sense it’s a win-win situation.
Introducing data steward Brett Olivier.
Brett, S.
‘Good and quick advice from the RDM Support Desk on my Data Management Plan’
Marit Bogert about her experience with VU RDM Support Desk.
marit bogert klein
‘Sharing data leads to more citations, and I see it as a moral obligation'
Professor Peter Verburg explains why he shares his data in open access via DataverseNL.
'Dataverse makes it easy for me to store, archive and share my data'
Sander Groffen about how and why he shares his research data.
'The objective of the PAN project is to document the amateur finds and publish them online', says Stijn Heeren.
Making amateur archaeological collections accessible via Linked Open Data
According to Albert Meroño there are also personal benefits to making your data FAIR.
‘Making your research data FAIR accelerates scientific discovery’
‘This gives us the opportunity to draw attention to our subject-specific needs during the development.’
VU Amsterdam Earth Sciences researchers try out iRODS/Yoda RDM platform
The VU Research Data Management Support Desk would be happy to assist you in getting started.
Think twice before you begin collecting data for your research

'The VU Research Data Support programme helps researchers to be transparent and open where possible, and ensures that their data are well protected if necessary'
How the VU Research Data Support programme helps researchers