Upload your thesis FAQs

URL for uploading your thesis is www.ubvu.vu.nl/vunetid

Problems uploading your thesisPossible solutions
I can’t log in with my VuNet-ID.
  • If either of the two following characters are used in your password: < or >, you will not be able to log in to the thesis database. In this case change your password via top.vu.nl.
  • If your password is correct and you can log in to https://vunet.login.vu.nl you should also be able to access the thesis database.
  • If you are unable to log in to https://vunet.login.vu.nl contact the UC-IT helpdesk, tel. (020 59)80000 (room 0A-11).
The webpage doesn’t respond or can’t be found.
  • Check the url. The correct address is: www.ubvu.vu.nl/vunetid
  • Remove cookies and cache files from your browser. Close the browser and try again.
I can’t upload my thesis.
  • Only pdf files can be uploaded. All other file formats are not accepted.
  • Your thesis may be larger than the permitted 8 MB. Try compressing your file using Acrobat: open the file and choose Save as > Reduced Size PDF > OK.
  • If your thesis comprises images, try compressing these as well. To find out how, consult the help function of your word processor.
  • If your file is less than 8 MB, contact your faculty’s Student Administration Office.
My study course is not listed.
Contact your Student Administration Office, and ask them to adjust the list.
My thesis consists of multiple files. How can I upload these?
Unfortunately it is not possible to upload multiple files. The entire thesis must consist of one file.
How do I know when my thesis has been uploaded successfully?
After successfully uploading your thesis, you will receive confirmation via a pop up and you will be returned to the overview of uploaded theses. Your uploaded file will appear in the overview. You will also receive a confirmation email. You can also check if your thesis has been uploaded on: www.ubvu.vu.nl/vunetid.
I have successfully uploaded my thesis and received confirmation, but my thesis does not appear in the overview.Your thesis will only appear in the overview once your Student Administration Office has checked that the thesis complies with the required criteria and has been approved for publication. Some faculties choose not to publish their theses at all. If you have any questions regarding the status of your thesis, contact your Student Administration Office.
My thesis may not be published full text on the internet. Should I still upload it anyway?Yes, uploading your thesis is obligatory. In the space reserved for comments you can explain that your thesis may not be published full text on the internet and how long the embargo will be maintained.
My thesis has been published full text, even though this is not permitted.Contact the University Library and inform them of the situation. The UL will inform your Student Administration Office. Your faculty will then decide whether or not to remove your thesis from the internet. The University Library has no part in the decision making.
I have made adaptations to my thesis since uploading it. Can I replace the old file?Contact your Student Administration Office stating your student number and the title of your thesis. The office staff can then decide to remove the old version making the system accessible again to upload the new version.
Question not listed? 

Contact the University Library stating the following: 

  • your name 
  • your VU-net-id login name (never reveal your password!) 
  • the faculty you are enrolled with 
  • a description of the problem 
  • the browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.)